To Hospitals and Their Staff: Thank You

Tomorrow marks an important time to give thanks to the dedicated hospital staff working across the country during the holidays. Your local hospitals are open 24/7 year-round, caring for every patient needing medical attention. AAA is forecasting more than 46 million Americans will be traveling for the holiday, with almost 90 percent of them on the roads. Regardless of where in the country families are traveling, hospitals are at the ready to help provide care. The FAH thanks all of the doctors, nurses, clinicians and hospital staff that are working on Thanksgiving to care for others.  Wishing everyone a happy [...] Read More »

Rural Hospitals: Providing Vital Access to Care for Disparate Populations

Approximately 60 million Americans live in rural regions – which represent 20% of the US population. Each of these Americans counts on their local hospital for care, with one hospital often serving large regions.  As such, rural hospitals nationwide face unique and continuous challenges to provide 24/7 access to care for every patient. This lame duck session, we ask lawmakers to protect patients in rural communities. In many rural areas nationwide, hospitals are the center for health care services, often several communities.  These hospitals are the lifeline for access to care.  Unfortunately, budget cuts make the threat of closure a [...] Read More »

Statement Issued by the FAH On House Ways & Means Hospital Improvements for Payment Act Of 2014 Discussion Draft

The Federation applauds the Ways and Means Committee for its efforts to reform a number of complex hospital Medicare payment policies, and for the Committee’s continuing commitment to engage stakeholders in the policymaking process.  The Hospital Improvements for Payment Act of 2014 discussion draft is a serious and thoughtful effort and deserves a carefully considered, in-depth policy assessment, which we will do with our hospital membership. In advance, however, we must comment on the provision which affects the current self-referral law.  We are seriously concerned with efforts to roll back the self-referral law, which run the risk of bringing back [...] Read More »