CBO Revises Medicare Spending Projections for 6th Consecutive Year

$95B in Savings for 2019 Budget Report Credits Structural Changes in Healthcare with Continued Significant Savings This week, the CBO released its annual Update to the Budget & Economic Outlook, which includes its annual revisions to Medicare spending. And for the sixth consecutive year, CBO has revised its spending projections downward, outlining $95 billion in savings for the Medicare budget in 2019, compared to its estimates from 4 years ago. The report also shows that CBO has reduced Medicare and Medicaid spending projections for 2015-2024 by $89 billion since its April 2014 report. New York Times Upshot report Margot Sanger [...] Read More »

New Survey Reinforces the Consumer Paradox Trend in Health Care Spending

A new survey out this week by the National Business on Group Health (NBGH) examines health care benefit cost growth for employer-based health insurance in 2015, polling nearly 400 large employers across the U.S.  The survey finds that employers expect to limit their benefit cost growth to 5 percent, below their 2014 growth rate.  One of the key reasons cited by employers in lowering their cost growth rate is shifting greater burden and cost-sharing responsibility onto the consumer. The CEO of NBGH adds: “Our survey shows that many employers are, in fact, taking necessary steps to rein in costs. This includes [...] Read More »

Veterans Are A Giant Step Closer Toward Obtaining Timely, High-Quality Health Care

America’s veterans are a giant step closer toward obtaining the timely, high-quality health care that they richly deserve, thanks to legislation resulting from the outstanding dedication and hard work of the Veterans’ Affairs Congressional conference committee. The FAH strongly supports this crucial legislation and commends these Senators and Representatives for approving a meaningful compromise to help veterans get the care they need when they need it. The hospital community applauds the Senators and Representatives serving on the committee, along with numerous other Members of Congress, for their steadfast and ongoing commitment to America’s heroes. In particular, we deeply appreciate the decisive leadership [...] Read More »