As Insurer Mergers Continue, Questions Persist for Consumers

A recent New York Times article asks important questions surrounding the slew of potential insurance company mergers among the nation’s largest health insurance providers. Last week, Aetna announced its acquisition of smaller competitor Humana, and Centene revealed its plan to buy Health Net.  Across the industry, the five largest insurers are seeking to consolidate, with the expectation that the 5 will merge into just 3 mega-corporations. The article poses a series of questions posited by consumers and industry experts alike: As insurers grow larger, will consumers benefit from the companies’ ability to bargain with hospitals and doctors for lower prices? […] Read More »

FAH, AHA file Amicus Brief in Labor Union Organizing Case in D.C. Circuit

On Tuesday, the FAH and the American Hospital Association filed an amicus brief in Rush University Medical Center v. NLRB, a case pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. The case addresses how existing unions in acute care hospitals can organize to include additional employees. Longstanding policy requires all qualifying employees be included in a labor union’s organizing activities. If a union representing some hospital employees in one or more allowable bargaining unit(s) seeks to represent additional hospital employees, it must organize all of the remaining qualifying employees in the designated bargaining units it seeks to […] Read More »

Supreme Court Action Secures Coverage for Millions

“Today’s decision by the Supreme Court for Burwell is welcome news. The decision secures health care coverage for millions of Americans. Protecting patient coverage provides peace of mind to so many and helps ensure their access to the needed care at the right time. Whatever our patients need, the FAH member hospitals will continue to be there 24/7 to care for all those who walk through our doors.”