Growing Evidence Challenges Misconceptions About Hospital Realignment

A recent item in The New York Times that surveys the “what ifs” of hospital realignment today, has been receiving some attention in the health care world this week.  What’s surprising to many, is the lack of coverage of a series of reports, studies and commentary from high-level health policy officials that speak to the real-time understanding we have about mergers, realignments and other alliances between hospitals across the country.  Rather than postulate what could happen based on twenty-year old data and misconceptions on pricing and competition, the FAH offers actual data from respected researchers and health policy leaders in [...] Read More »

The Key to Healthcare Reform: Chip Kahn’s Interview with The Jerusalem Post

Recognized as a key leader in the health care industry and as one of the nation’s leading experts on health policy and health information technology, FAH President & CEO Chip Kahn was honored to participate earlier this month in the annual Digital Health Israel conference in Jerusalem.  The conference served as an opportunity for a substantive conversation about changes in health care policy and for exploring the impact of health information technology (HIT) on the healthcare industry. In an interview for The Jerusalem Post, Chip discussed the current landscape of the health care sector and his expectations for the future. Among [...] Read More »

Hospital Realignment: Why The 1990s Examples Don’t Reflect Today’s Marketplace

A recent opinion piece in The Morning Consult looks at the current state of hospital mergers and realignment and questions whether it will be different from unsuccessful merger and realignment activities that took place in  the 1990s. In their column, “The Urge To Merge In Healthcare: This Time, Will It Be Different?” co-authors Scott Gottlieb and Patrick Pilch note that the current level of mergers and realignments is almost half of the number occurring “during the peak years in the late 1990s.”  Then, after analyzing the current series of mergers and acquisitions, realignments and other alliances forming among health systems [...] Read More »